About Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese fighting art. Its direct, economic, and very comprehensive. We feel that the laws of physics best determine the best ways to move and defend one's self. These concepts and principles govern how we move, fight and train. Most other schools rely on muscular strength, speed, and purely physical technique. Instead, the concepts we use involve sensitivity, structure, footwork, and technique to deal with aggressors.

Wing Chun is a very rich and well thought-out boxing science that requires thought to practice and understand. The art is highly aggressive and efficient, yet we train to acquire effortless combat skills. There is no question about self-defense Wing Chun can't answer; it is dynamic and complete.

True Wing Chun students will seek to continually develop and evolve their understanding of Wing Chun principles and concepts, and won't settle for simply carrying on the art in a sacred, dead tradition. It's a thinking person's approach to Martial study. We teach that Wing Chun trains self-defense skills, not skills useful for competition or egotistic brawls. Intelligence, awareness, and hard work are essential aspects of Wing Chun training.